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I hope this blog is a useful and entertaining resource to biology teachers.  Each post will include an image (cartoons by me, figures from recent papers, cool examples from biology, etc.) AND a description of how a teacher might be able to use the image in a lecture or classroom activity.  I try to make my college classroom* very interactive and I will share how I use the images to challenge students to think independently or to collaborate.  In my description of classroom uses I'll include links to easy-to-read background information from across the web.

*Even though I teach college biology I think many of the ideas here can be used in middle school and high school classrooms.

Before this starts sounding too serious I should add that many of the posts will just be silly biology cartoons.   For these, the use in a classroom may be limited to providing a brain break for students.

Every image I post is free to use and download-able from the site!

I love to talk shop with teachers...so please consider commenting on the posts.  Can you think of other (better!) ways to use the images in a classroom?  Do you have a favorite activity or example you like to use for a given post topic?  I'm eager to read your comments and I will try to respond.

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