Saturday, April 23, 2016

Central Coast Science After Dark

I enjoyed giving a science cartoon talk at the Central Coast Science After Dark meeting this week.  Part of the talk involved crowd-sourcing a cartoon.  The group chose the following criteria:

  • Setting: Undergraduate Field Trip
  • Dominant Emotion: Confusion
  • Timing: Something has just happened
  • Variable: Cephalopod (octopus or squid)
Here's the result...ready for your caption suggestions! (click to see a larger image.)

I pictured a Cal Poly Marine Science class at the tide pools.  I think I might have been channeling my inner Charles Addams a little bit for this cartoon.  Please use the Comment area at the bottom of this page to suggest a caption.

Here's a short clip from the Science After Dark talk (the audio cuts out for a few seconds).  The talk covered life in the lab, grant writing, the Human Genome Project, Next-Generation sequencing, and teaching genetics...all in cartoon form.


  1. I'd love to see your suggestions for captions for the tide pool cartoon!

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